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With this presentation, you will have brief understanding of what a BAS system is and how it effects energy efficiency of buildings. With a questions session at the end, we could try to understand the major differences between the commercial automation industry and the industrial automation industry.

According to EPA, a building owner can generate $2 to $3 in incremental asset value for each $1invested in energy performance improvements. Saving 30% of energy costs is equivalent to increasing Net Operating Income by five percent.

The presentation is very broad but more specific questions can be asked and discussed after the presentation.

The topics that will be covered is be terminology, components, maximizing energy performance, communication protocols and a quick user interface demonstration. It will also cover some governing bodies that the building automation industry must abide by, like the US Green Building Council and the ASHRAE ( American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers).

Besides those interested in Building Automation, Energy Management or HVAC Controls, those interested in the major differences of your current industry and the Building Automation industry, and those looking to expand or have been asked to provide a similar system before will find this program of value.

Main topics are:

1. Intro to BAS and terminlogy
2. Components
3. Maximizing energy performance
4. Communications protocol and interoperability
5. User interface demonstration

The presentation will also touch on the following topics: HMI & PLC controls of boilers.; Access via web browser; Interface with plant controllers; End devices - temp, flow, pressure, analytical sensors, valve actuators; Monitoring tools; Control devices; Wireless sensor networks; Measurement & Verification Process; and Monitoring CO2 Emissions.

Clifford Milligan is owner and vice president of Controls, for Callendar, Inc., a building automation contractor in Bakersfield. Clifford developed a section of Callender Inc. into an Energy Management Company which designs, develops, and services all aspects of energy management systems, equipment, and machinery. The company builds suitable software programs and interfaces graphics for specific applications; designs project submittals, sequence of operation and as-installed drawings; and oversees installers, and works with contractors and project engineers. He can be reached at (661) 695-3064 or

Meeting Details

Location: Sizzler, 10315 Lakewood Blvd, Downey - Online Map & Directions
Date: Tuesday, April 19, 2011
Time: 5:30 Networking; 6:00 Dinner; 6:30 Program
Cost: Dinner and program for the first 20 members and students at no charge. Others and Non-members are $10.
RSVP: Jordan Wiens at

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