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Non-intrusive and remote measurement technologies

Non-intrusive and remote measurement technologies are becoming more available to safely measure plant process parameters, i.e. fluid temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level, as well as displacement/vibration of the plant internal elements (pumps, fixtures, tubes, etc.), without requiring any ports or holes in the plant pipes or vessels. They can withstand severe earthquakes without releasing any sensor parts into the fluid systems or causing any leakage/fire. Furthermore, they provide faster, more accurate, extremely repeatable and drift-free measurements, without any "foul-ups", thus reducing the measurement uncertainty, allowing plant operation at higher power levels and with less false shutdowns.

NASA and aerospace industry have spent $10M+ to develop these technologies for safer, more accurate and reliable measurements of space power systems and rocket engines. These modern measurement technologies can be developed and deployed for the harsh environment of current and future refineries, molten-salt solar and molten-metal nuclear power and petrochemical plants. They will reduce the plant downtimes and output de-rating levels, while increasing the plant yield and profitability.

About the speaker

Sarkis Barkhoudarian, a NASA- and DoD-recognized expert in aerospace avionics, has 30+ years of experience in the conception, research, development, manufacture, deployment, and maintenance of non-intrusive and remote instrumentation, advanced algorithms and control systems for space power and nuclear power plants and rocket engines at Rocketdyne.

Mr. Barkhoudarian has published 20+ papers and received 20+ patents and remains involved in many professional organizations. He is a life member of ISA and AIAA, member of NASA/JANNAF Strategic Avionics Instrumentation Committee, member of Boeing and Pratt/Whitney Technical Fellowship and he launched and chaired the SAE Aerospace Condition Monitoring System Technical Committee.

His academic accomplishments include a MS degree in Electrical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, completion of the Ph.D. EE coursework requirements at CMU on a Ford Foundation grant performing research on solid-state electronic devices, and a BS in EE from University of Detroit.

Meeting Details

Tuesday, Sept 18, 2012; 5:45 program; 7:00 dinner

Chatsworth Chamber of Commerce
10038 Old Depot Plaza Road
Chatsworth, CA 91311
(818) 341-2428 -

$20 for non-members; free to ISA members and those who join ISA at the door
Pls RSVP to Tracy Green at (949) 378-0372 or

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