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Scientific predictions of the future of energy production

Tuesday, February 19, 2013. RSVP below.

Every energy resource - fossil, nuclear and renewable - is undergoing profound changes. And overall, we're gradually shifting from coal and oil to the energies of tomorrow.

This sweeping transition is the subject of the documentary film Switch. But rather than advocate for how it should happen, Switch travels the world to discover how it most likely will happen. Switch is also about a changing energy conversation. Today, it's polarized and unproductive.

This film does not overtly advocate for or condemn any type of energy resource, and because of this it has angered some who do -- including anti-nuclear protesters, renewable-only promoters and fossil fuel lobbyists. The film makers believe that these widely divergent opinions indicate that they have struck the right balance in their theory of how energy will be produced in the future.

The goal of University of Texas geologist Dr. Scott Tinker was not to advocate for one technology over another or to suggest how the transition should happen - but to try to determine how it actually would happen, based on scientifically-sound investigation and the practical realities of the world of energy as we discovered them.

Energy has become a highly politicized subject, but this film looks beyond assumptions and remains objective. Interviewees were selected for their deep knowledge and respected positions, not for their support of any issue or agenda, and are a broad mix of industry, government, academic and NGO leaders, from differing political backgrounds. The information in this project includes the opinions of these diverse experts along with years of research and learning from the field.

For 12 years, Dr. Scott Tinker has been the Director of the Bureau of Economic Geology, where he leads 200 scientists and staff. He is also a Professor at UT's Jackson School of Geology, the State Geologist of Texas, and a renowned energy expert, having given more than 500 lectures internationally to government, industry and academia. While at the Bureau, he founded the Advanced Energy Consortium and helped initiate the Gulf Coast Carbon Center and Center for Energy Economics. Dr. Tinker serves on several private, public, academic, and government energy boards and advisory councils. Before the Bureau, he was a research geologist for Marathon Oil. He received his PhD from the University of Colorado.

Meeting Details

Date: Tuesday, Feb 19, 2013
Time: 5:00pm Networking and Subs; 5:20 Section Business; 5:30 Program
Cost: ISA members, students and their guest free; Non-members are requested to join ISA
RSVP: John Prince at
Location: Energy Resource Center, 9240 Firestone Blvd, Downey (526) 803-7500 (Map)
Parking: Park and entrance in back. Free parking.

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